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>UV Lamps

Nine Watt Ultraviolet Gel Lamp
#8955 UV-9110 110 volts
#8956 UV-9220 220 volts

This newest gel lamp is made to cure both gel and top coats.

36 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light
#8950 120 volts

Cures very fast. It has two settings: 90 sec. and 120 sec. Four 9 watt light bulbs are included (unless indicated). It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It has one-hand light. (8 pieces per case)


Six Watt Ultraviolet Nail Curing Light
#8951 220 volts

Is safe and effective with top coats and gels. We make it in several voltages for oversea sales (12 pieces per case)

#8952 235 volts

Double Nail Drying Station
120 volts
220 volts

The very convenient Double Nail Drying Station is for two-handed drying. It uses air and light for quick, automatic drying. It incorporates the use of two fans and two 75 watt black light bulbs

75 Watt Black Light Bulb Replacement
for the Double Nail Drying Station
9 Watt Ultra Violet Replacement Bulb
For use with the 36 watt Ultraviolet Nail Curing Light.

Replacemnt Bulbs
Eight watt UV replacement bulb often used with IBD's "Jet" Light.

Six watt UV replacemnt bulb for use with the 6 watt Nail Curing Light.

Six watt UV replacement bulb often used with lights made by Pro Finish


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